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Lawsuits and legal problems can be stressful and overwhelming. They can be full of risk and uncertainty. If you or your business is facing one, you want a trusted law firm with experience you can lean on. You want attorneys that are successful, respected and accomplished in their fields. You want a firm that will work hard to earn your confidence so you can spend less time worrying, and more time living your life, returning to health or running your business.

At Scandurro & Layrisson we understand these needs, and we pride ourselves on working to meet them. Whether you need to file a claim or defend one, or whether you just need guidance on a challenging legal issue, we want to help. Our attorneys and staff have many years of hard-won experience across a broad range of practice areas. We understand that no two cases or clients are alike. We want to approach your case or issue together with you, creatively, as a team. Together we will work to develop a problem-solving strategy designed to help put your mind at ease, secure in the knowledge that your legal needs are being handled with care by seasoned professionals. Our goal is to give you the advice, support and encouragement you need to help make important decisions successfully and with confidence, and to earn your future business.

Our Team

Tim Scandurro is a founding member of the firm. He has experience in all of the firm’s practice areas, with a particular focus on business, contract, banking and partnership issues and disputes. Click on Tim's photo to learn more.
Stephen (Steve) Scandurro is a founding member of the firm. Steve has broad litigation experience in personal injury litigation and complex commercial disputes. Click on Steve's photo to learn more.
Jean-Paul Layrisson is a founding member of the firm. He has been admitted pro hac vice in various state and federal courts to handle significant cases in Texas, New York, Missouri, Mississippi, Florida and Alabama. Click on JP's photo to learn more.
Dominick Scandurro, Jr. has practiced law for over 50 years in the areas of real estate transactions, real estate litigation, personal injury litigation, commercial transactions, collections, trusts, wills, and successions. Click on Dominick's photo to learn more.
Dewey Scandurro practices in the areas of admiralty and maritime law, personal injury, product liability, insurance litigation, and commercial litigation, representing plaintiffs and defendants. He is also a trained mediator with an active mediation practice. Click on Dewey's photo to learn more.
Senior Associate
Mrs. Eleew practices primarily in the areas of personal injury and insurance litigation, representing both plaintiffs and defendants. Click on Krista's photo to learn more.

Brant Rathe

President, Revolution Data Systems

"If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them."

Dianne Cruze

President, Aqua Air Industries

“We ship commercial diving equipment nationally and internationally so ensuring we have strong legal expertise and representation is paramount. With Scandurro & Layrisson I always feel protected.”

K. G.


“I enthusiastically recommend the firm of Scandurro & Layrisson to anyone in need of legal services. We interviewed multiple attorneys to help us with a business partnership buyout, and once engaged, we never doubted that we made the right choice. They took the time to listen and understand, they were straightforward, and they had a sharp eye for detail.”


Property Insurance Claim Consultant

“My problem involved a complex issue of Louisiana law, and we needed help on a short string. They listened, grasped the situation very quickly, worked with me over the weekend, and by Monday morning we had a plan and a strategy and we saw it through."

Wendell F.

Personal Injury Client

“I was hurt bad and went through a lot.  Scandurro & Layrisson did a great job but the  best part was they made me feel cared for.    My case is over now, but they always have time for me and treat me like family to this day.  I will never forget what they did for me.”

Featured Areas of Practice

Personal Injury

Our personal injury practice focuses on protecting the rights of persons seriously injured by the fault of others.
We handle vehicle and truck accidents and workplace injuries and have extensive experience with a wide variety of complex cases involving traumatic brain injury, wrongful death, serious burn injuries, and permanent physical disabilities.

Business and Commercial Litigation

Business disputes are a central part of our practice. Our lawyers have broad experience litigating or resolving complex business and contract issues arising in Louisiana and across the country.

Maritime and Admiralty Law

Our firm has decades of experience in the fields of maritime and admiralty law. We have represented workers injured on vessels, platforms, rigs, and docks for many years, and we also defend companies who are sued on claims involving maritime-related injuries arising under the Jones Act or the general maritime law.