Looking for a local practicing and experienced personal injury lawyer in Louisiana?

Why is Scandurro & Layrisson the preferred Louisiana firm for personal injury referrals and partnerships for lawyers and personal injury victims?

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Knowledge and Experience

Our team has a breadth of knowledge and experience across an array of practice areas and have been practicing law in Louisiana for a combined 106 years.

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We Love a Good Argument

We are courtroom lawyers at heart and prepare every case for trial from the outset. That fact leads to better personal injury settlement offers and more just outcomes for our clients.

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We are Louisiana Strong

Our relationships in Louisiana run deep and we are proud of the positive impacts we continue to make in our communities and on Louisiana law.

We Get Results

Recovery of over $7 million in a personal injury workplace slip-and-fall case involving burn injuries

Recovery of over $4 million for a driver injured in a collision with a truck.

A punitive damages jury verdict of $1.2 million for an accident caused by a drunk driver.

Judgement of $91,000,000 for over 1200 flood victims as a result of improper highway design.


That Give Our Clients Peace of Mind

"I've always felt the best attorney was the attorney that listened because they are more prepared."

"JP is a master at not getting caught in the emotion of the situation because he is removed enough and can think clearly on how to put himself in the other parties shoes."

You deserve the best outcomes possible. Let us help.

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